Kaan Akalin writes and directs in a broad range of genres and tones. His comedic directing style is rooted in absurd and awkward humour that stems from situation and character. In both his comedic and dramatic directing work, strong casting, nuanced performances and exacting visual storytelling all play a central role.

His commercial directing work won a Silver Clio Award in 2017, a Bronze Cannes Lion (WestJet Desert Roulette) and two gold ProMax Awards in 2016 (MUCH Abernathy’s Fine Screams). His narrative short The Other Side of Morning won Best Short at the 13th Annual Sioux City International Film Festival.

Kaan's music is in the orchestral film score genre and is an extension of his storytelling. At times, dark and melancholic with simple piano motifs, other times soaring and triumphant with full orchestra, it aims, in all cases, to resonate emotionally with the listener.

With experience spanning writing (feature length screenplay, multiple short screenplays and short stories), cinematography, editingmusic, CGI and post-production, Kaan has amassed valuable storytelling insights that he applies to all facets of production and post.


Kaan is based in Toronto, Canada and available to work worldwide.


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